Diploma In X-Ray Technician

Duration: 2 years | Eligibility: 10+2

About X-Ray Technician

X-Rays are electromagnetic radiation that passes through the body and creates images of internal body structures on a photographic film or a fluorescent screen which is later used by the doctor in the diagnosis of disease.

X-Ray Technician course imparts students the technical skills required to produce high quality X-Ray images. The course comprises classroom instructions and clinical experiences along with several opportunities for hands-on training. The course also covers both clinical and administrative skills.

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There is a huge demand of X-Ray Technicians and it continues to grow with the rapid growth of the healthcare industry. Upon successful completion of course they become X-Ray Technician. This provides employment opportunities in:

Diagnostic centres
Privately-owned clinics
Multinational companies
Medical sales or research
Nursing Homes
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Course Highlights

Theory + Practical
1000 Hours + 600 Hours
Clinical Internship
1200 Hours
2 years

Become a Paramedic and be a LIFE SAVIOUR

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