E-Health (Telemedicine)

E-Health (Telemedicine)

E-Health / Tele Health is the new age life line of the world. The lifestyles are complex and stressful which increases the need for regular consultations and medical support. Besides the need- scenario in cities, India’s disconnected healthcare ecosystem is the major cause of poor patient care, contrary experiences and outcomes.

 Poor access of affordable and quality healthcare treatment in tier II, III cities as well as rural areas is also a major concern. 

 The covid scenario and regulatory social distancing has amplified the need of telehealth services since doctors and hospitals are reluctant to take in OPD patients due to virus contamination by contact. Restrictions for general public due to covid result in all kinds of patients suffering for not receiving timely diagnosis and proper treatment.

 Corporate are also looking for online solutions that can facilitate medical consultation to keep the productivity of employees and organisations intact.

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