Medical Emergency & First Aid

The classroom is usually one of the safest places for a child especially when they have a teacher with proper first aid training. With the right knowledge, they would be able to act quickly in case of an emergency. There are several instances where a teacher might need to administer first aid on a student. It could be a minor incident like a small wound from playing to a severe asthma attack. As one of the adults present during such an incident, the teacher should know how to deal with the situation. First aid training doesn’t just mean treating a young patient. The teacher must also know how to keep the other students calm during an emergency. This way, further injuries can be prevented and the children can stay safe. Proper first aid training can save lives and boost a teacher’s confidence so they can educate their students.

Basic First Aid

It is beyond doubt that knowledge of first aid promotes a safer and healthier environment. Having students who are well equipped with first aid skills contribute to enhancing the safety of the schools. Many students experience accidents while they are at schools. The accidents might lead to simple injuries, serious wounds or fractures. However, the victim can be given initial assistance until the professional help arrives. It is important to have trained staff and students who can utilise their skills and take quick action to treat the affected person. They can apply the right procedures to prevent more damage. As first aid offers a range of benefits, therefore, it is a must for the students to get a proper first aid training so that they can contribute to preserve lives.

Disaster Management

No one wants something bad to happen, but the reality is that disasters can happen at any time with little to no warning. This is why it is so important to be ready for a variety of situations so everyone knows what to do when something bad happens. This is why disaster management training is such a critical thing for any organization that is responsible for public safety in any form. Disaster Management training put the participants through the motions of a disaster so they can learn how to handle it through hands-on activities. If the employees of any organization are trained in disaster management training, the management can be confident that their employees know exactly what to do, no matter what disaster occurs. The more people who know what the plan is and how to use it for each type of disaster, the more successful organization will be in dealing with disaster. This means management need to make disaster training one of their top priority

Fire Safety Training (With Drill)

Fire safety in schools is often a neglected element in many Indian schools and most schools still function without even the basic fire safety amenities such as Fire Extinguisher. Schools must step up and take responsibility and ensure that all possible safety precautions are maintained. Importance of Fire Safety in is important for the simple reason that a large number of children are gathered at one place and a single fire can affect all of them. Most of the furniture in a class room such as chairs, tables and desks are made from wood and these can easily catch fire. The chemistry lab which contains large quantities of flammable liquids is especially at risk. A fire in such places can go out of control and thus, fire safety in schools has become an extremely important issue. An uncontrolled fire can cause not just property damage but also huge loss in life.

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