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GD GOENKA HEALTHCARE which is a part of GD Goenka Group aims to provide best technical and career oriented vocational training courses in the field of paramedics and allied healthcare with Certification and Diploma recognized from national and international bodies; expand the scope of telemedicine through E-health to reach out to the remotest areas where there is severe shortage of medical help; create employability and entrepreneurship through offered services and courses; establish, enhance medical and first aid awareness through customized corporate training programs for everyone, institutionalize medical facilities and CSR solutions ; provide proficient highly trained medical support staff and life-saving solutions with Basic Life Support (BLS) equipped Ambulance services; set up well equipped training centers with simulation labs and adhere to the best ethical medical training teaching and practices to serve humanity to create a happier healthier world. Our motto has always been health and safety first combined with best infrastructure and world class teaching pedagogy and equipment’s. We care and strive to bring contemporary techniques, services and digital solutions for maximizing medical support to every section of society.

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A healing hand, a caring smile and expert handling are facets that strengthen us and makes us tide through any situation with more ease than expected. As a human being, we have many aspects and for a happy healthy life; we often need varied kind of support as in physiological care, medical education, dealing with high tech and overwhelming equipments, pre and post procedural care and a lot more that can affect us beyond just the physical distress.

The Paramedics and other allied healthcare professionals are vital in our journey to health and wellbeing along with the Doctors and eventual treatment. Their expertise in supporting the Specialists, operating high tech instruments and machinery, handling patients appropriately, dealing with them safely and empathetically has a big role to play in the field of medicine and wholesome healthcare besides the Doctors and Surgeons who are at the further end of the route to cure.

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GD Goenka Group was established by the Chairman Mr. Anjani Kumar Goenka in 1982 with a path breaking vision to create an ambience conducive to new age adaption to dynamics of creative learning techniques in Education.

The Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Renu Goenka provides that touch of the extraordinary which make the Institutions highest in standards and exceptionally top of the line in infrastructure, design, facilities, equipments, safety & security, planning and organizational perfection.


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